Naughty Kitty

The black cat slunk low against the wall, staying deep in the shadows until it reached the house and jumped into an open window. She ran up the staircase and into a bedroom, leaped into the bed, snuggled on a pillow and waited.

Morgan knew she had been a very naughty kitty tonight.

She felt the first twinges of pain in her legs and willed herself to relive all her adventures of the night. . Anything to take her mind off the pain of transformation because make no mistake, it hurt.

Even as her legs and arms lengthened, and the pain intensified, she couldn’t help giggling at the thought of cranky old lady Mallory when she saw her precious flower bed all dug up and a nice big cat poop on her porch. That should give the old lady something to complain about.

And won’t the Hills be surprised when they come home and find their precious poodle with its leash twisted around the stake in the backyard? Getting the dog to chase around and around until it practically strangled itself had felt so good. That damn dog would think twice before it chased a cat again.

Every single time she did this she forgot how much it hurt. Going small wasn’t so bad and she loved being a cat. It was so easy to jump anywhere, if she felt like it, she let people pet her and when she got tired of catting around, she could go home.

Morgan stifled a moan that sounded more human than feline. She looked down and saw her body barely had a coating of fur. Oh no, it was already 3:00 am and she had to be at work by 8:30 or there would be hell to pay.

Why was tonight’s transformation so slow? Oh god, her hips hurt, it felt like she was being cracked open. Morgan writhed in pain and realized she was grasping her head with paws that now had opposable thumbs. Morgan wondered if it was possible to get stuck mid-transformation, then she would be truly formidable – a cat with opposable thumbs could do anything it wanted.

The pain ebbed and Morgan fell into a deep sleep. When the alarm went off in the morning, Morgan slipped out of bed and checked in the mirror. A tall naked woman with midnight black hair stared back at her. Yup. All the body parts and pieces were back in place. Time to go to her day job.

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